A Happy New Year-Mas

When I moved to Ohio, I shoved that which I could of my Floridian life into boxes and bags and crevices in the back of my car. This also included a saint of a friend who made the trip up with me and two cats in carriers. I drive a tiny Nissan Versa hatchback. That said, while roomy enough, it’s certainly not enough to fit an entire 27 ½ years of accumulated belongings into and much had to be left behind. Included was most anything Christmas – save for my old little tree skirt, assuming I’d buy a tiny tree and call it done for the year.

But then I bought a medium sized tree and some lights; I figured I ought to decorate the thing and, lo and behold, came upon a tutorial to make golden snitch ornaments for just a few dollars. Well, given the theme of my living room and the fact that I have shiny gold couches, it seemed obvious I needed to make it happen. So one very long evening later (and a following long morning detailing wings later), I had thirty golden snitches. I bought silver garland for and made my own cheesy wands as I had done in years past and found a golden deer ornament that I affixed to the tree top. Essentially, the greatest little nerd tree that could.

Then, someone spectacular sent me a box of blue and silver decorations and the rest, as they say, is history.

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